Who’s Out? Another Player Bails on Team Belgium Ahead of Estonia Match

Clan Courtois responds to strong statement by Tedesco: “Feigning injuries? I don’t want to lie”

The Background

After the Europa League match between Schalke 04 and Lokomotiv Moscow, Schalke coach Domenico Tedesco made a bold statement regarding goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann’s injury. According to him, Fährmann’s injury was feigned in order to waste time. This decision was met with criticism from many, including Thibaut Courtois’ brother, Nicolas Courtois, who took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

Clan Courtois’ Reaction

When asked about his brother’s tweet, Thibaut Courtois responded by saying, “It’s not my place to comment on what my brother says, but one thing is for sure: feigning injuries is not something that we as players want to do. It’s not fair to the other team, and it’s not fair to the fans. As a goalkeeper, I understand the importance of time-wasting, but it should never come at the cost of fair play.”

The Impact

Feigning injuries is a controversial issue in football, with some saying that it is a legitimate strategy while others argue that it goes against the spirit of the game. Thibaut Courtois’ statement is an important reminder that fair play should always be a priority, even in the heat of a high-stakes match.

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