When Football Meets Racism The Tragic Story of Jans and Lukoki

Jans worries about Lukoki: ‘What happened and how is this even possible’

A deep concern

The news about Gyrano Kerk being injured in the last match of the Eredivisie against FC Groningen wasn’t the only thing that went through the heads of the Utrecht team and its coach. It was also the news that Tjaronn Chery and Jody Lukoki, both former players of FC Groningen, were racially abused by a section of the fans in attendance at the Euroborg stadium.

A reflection on society

Coach Ron Jans expressed his deep concern about the incident that happened on the pitch, saying he couldn’t understand how this kind of situation could still happen in 2021. Jans also said that action must be taken, as it is something that reflects poorly on society.

What do you think?

What can be done to prevent racism in football? Is it just a matter of punishing the offenders or should there be a more proactive approach to educate people and raise their awareness on the issue? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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