Vertonghen’s Brutal Honesty Why He Disapproves of Courtois’ Departure

Vertonghen highly critical of Courtois’ departure: ‘I would never do what he does’

Team Loyalty

Belgium and Tottenham soccer player, Jan Vertonghen, expressed his disappointment and criticism of fellow countryman and former Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois. The latter recently departed from Chelsea, despite still having a contract with the club.

Professionalism Questioned

Vertonghen criticized Courtois’ lack of loyalty to his team and questioned his level of professionalism. He emphasized that he would never do what Courtois did, and that he believes it is important for players to honor their contracts and commitments.

Implications on Soccer Culture

Courtois’ departure raises questions about the importance of team loyalty and upholding contracts in soccer. Furthermore, the likelihood of transfer requests and player loyalty may be negatively impacted by the draw of higher wages and better opportunities.

Do you think Courtois’ departure was acceptable? How important is team loyalty in soccer? Leave your thoughts below.


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