The Victory of the Voice How ZiggoCommentator Sierd de Vos Won a Legal Battle Against the Winking Croatian Vida

Ziggo-commentator Sierd de Vos wins lawsuit against ‘wink-Croatian’ Vida

The Lawsuit

Dutch football commentator, Sierd de Vos has won a lawsuit against Croat football player, Domagoj Vida. Vida had accused De Vos of defamatory behavior.

The Controversy

The controversy stems from a comment De Vos made while covering a football match between Ajax and Dinamo Zagreb. De Vos had criticized Vida’s on-field behavior, calling him a ‘wink-Croatian’. Vida had taken offense to the comment and accused De Vos of defamation.

The Verdict

The court ruled in favor of De Vos, stating that his comment did not constitute defamation. The court also criticized Vida for making a frivolous lawsuit.

The case raises important questions about freedom of speech and the limits of criticism towards public figures.

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