The Sporting Lie Milan van Ewijk Shuts Down Rumors and Sets the Record Straight on His Future

Portuguese Media on Jong Oranje: “Waiting for Ajax or PSV is a lie”

The False Claim

Recently, Portuguese media reported that Jong Oranje player, Deyovaisio Zeefuik, was advised to wait for offers from Ajax or PSV before committing to a transfer. However, the player himself has spoken out against these claims, stating that they are false.

Zeefuik Sets the Record Straight

The right-back of FC Groningen has dismissed the rumors and clarified that he would be open to any offers from other clubs. According to him, he did not receive any advice from anyone to wait for these two particular teams.

Inviting Comments

The media can sometimes jump to conclusions and make false claims, and this is one such instance. As a football fan, what do you think about such rumors? Do they affect a player’s transfer decision or does it not make a difference? We invite you to leave your comments below.


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