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Lukaku can make very controversial move which was deemed impossible before

Inter Milan in financial trouble

Inter Milan, the current club of Romelu Lukaku, is facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic. The club has been trying to balance their books, but it’s not an easy task given the current economic climate. There have been rumors that the club might have to sell a few players in order to stay financially stable.

Lukaku considering transfer back to Chelsea

According to reports, Lukaku is considering a transfer back to his former club, Chelsea. The move will not be an easy one given the history between Lukaku and Chelsea. The Belgian striker was with Chelsea for three years and had a hard time breaking into the first team. However, he is said to be open to the possibility of returning to Stamford Bridge.

Controversial move due to rivalry

The move would be controversial because of the rivalry between Chelsea and Inter Milan. The two clubs have a history of animosity, and a player moving from one to another would raise tensions even higher. However, if Lukaku were to move back to Chelsea, it would be a big boost for their squad.

Will Lukaku make the move back to Chelsea, or will he stay loyal to Inter Milan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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