The Power Struggle of Autonomy A Story of Ajax and the Independent Athlete

Ajax Team Manager Showed up at My Door after Ten Minutes:

The Story

The Ajax team manager surprised me by showing up at my door just ten minutes after I had submitted my job application. I was taken aback by his sudden appearance as I had not expected to see him so soon.

The Confusion

I was confused as to why the team manager had shown up at my door instead of communicating with me through email or phone calls. I wondered whether he had received my application and was interested in interviewing me.

The Surprise

To my surprise, the team manager had come to my house to offer assistance in filling out the application. He had assumed that I might be facing technical difficulties in completing the form and decided to help out.

The kind gesture left me feeling grateful and elated to have been noticed by such a reputable football club like Ajax.


It is quite an experience to have the team manager of one of the most successful football clubs in the world show up at your door. It goes to show that Ajax is more than just a football club- it is a family that looks out for its own.

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