The Dark Side of Feyenoord’s Success When Fame Leads to Backlash and Harassment

Downside of Feyenoord’s success: ‘People shout at me on the street…’

Despite the joy and excitement that Feyenoord’s recent successes have brought to the club and their fans, there is a darker side to the story. Players and staff have reportedly been dealing with an increase in negative attention and abuse from some fans.

Widespread success

Over the past few years, Feyenoord has experienced a significant upswing in their performance on the field. The team won the Eredivisie championship in 2017, their first title in 18 years, and have continued to perform well in subsequent seasons.

The success has been a major source of pride for the club and their fans, as well as a boost to Rotterdam’s reputation as a sports city. However, some people have taken things too far.

‘People go crazy’

In a recent interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Feyenoord goalkeeper Justin Bijlow spoke about the challenges of dealing with the team’s success.

“People go crazy,” he said. “Especially when we win a game, they start walking up to you on the street and shouting ‘Feyenoord!’ in your face. You don’t know these people, and it’s not comfortable.”

While Bijlow emphasized that most fans are supportive and respectful, he said that the negative attention can be distressing for both players and staff.

Harassment and aggression

Bijlow’s experience is unfortunately not unique. According to a report from Dutch news program EenVandaag, several Feyenoord players and staff members have been subjected to harassment and aggression from some fans.

The report details incidents such as fans following players home after games, yelling insults and threats, and even throwing objects at their homes. Assistant coach Said Bakkati also spoke about his experiences with verbal abuse from some fans.

While Feyenoord officials have condemned the behavior and called for respect towards the team, the negative attention continues to be a concern.

The price of success

The situation at Feyenoord raises questions about the balance between sporting success and personal safety. While it’s understandable that passionate fans will celebrate their team’s victories, it’s important to remember that players and staff are real people who deserve respect and privacy.

What steps can clubs and authorities take to ensure the safety and well-being of sports professionals? How can fans show their enthusiasm and support without crossing the line into harassment and aggression?

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