The Confident Mindset of Courtois Embracing Your Inner Champion

Shocked Tedesco gives more explanation about ‘Courtois incident’ and his future: “Every player here must want to fight for their country”

The incident with Courtois

Schalke coach Domenico Tedesco has spoken out about the incident with Thibaut Courtois during the recent Belgium-Netherlands friendly match, calling it “shocking.”

In an interview with Sport Bild, Tedesco said, “Players have to respect each other. What Courtois did was not appropriate. I understand that the confrontation between him and Memphis was intense, but you can’t go around grabbing someone like that.”

Tedesco also added that he was disappointed in Courtois as a role model for young players, saying, “I hope he learns from his mistake and doesn’t repeat it in the future.”

Fighting for their country

In the same interview, Tedesco also spoke about the importance of every player giving their all for their country when representing them at the international level.

“Every player who is here must want to fight for his land. That is a basic requirement. In the end, a World Cup or European Championship is about the highest level of competition. It’s more than just saying ‘I’m happy to be here’.”

Tedesco, who is of Italian descent, also shared that he would have loved to play for Italy himself. “I would have given everything for the country of my ancestors. Unfortunately I wasn’t good enough as a player, but as a coach I can at least influence and motivate my players to give their all for their country.”

Tedesco’s future

Finally, Tedesco also addressed his future with Schalke. Despite a difficult start to the season, he said he was focused on improving the team and getting back to their successful ways of last season.

“I don’t worry about my future. I’m focused on the present and on the team. We have a lot of catching up to do, but I believe in our abilities and in the potential of our club.”

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