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Change of power? Van der Elst speaks about Club Brugge, Standard and Anderlecht

Former football player gives his opinion

Marc van der Elst, who played for various Belgian football clubs during his career, spoke out about the current situation at Club Brugge, Standard de Liège and RSC Anderlecht. He sees a possible shift in power between the three teams.

Club Brugge

According to Van der Elst, Club Brugge is currently the strongest team in Belgium. They have experienced players and a strong team mentality. However, their Champions League campaign did not meet expectations.

Standard de Liège

Van der Elst sees Standard as a team that can challenge Club Brugge. They have a talented squad, especially with their striker Michy Batshuayi, who made a name for himself at the World Cup in Brazil.

RSC Anderlecht

Finally, Van der Elst believes that RSC Anderlecht is currently the weakest of the three. They have been struggling in the Belgian league and have not performed well in European competitions. However, Van der Elst acknowledges that with the right investments and the return of Vincent Kompany, Anderlecht could become a strong team again.

What do you think?

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