Spartak Moscow’s Controversial Response to Promes’ Conviction A Call to Reevaluate the System

Unmoved Spartak Moscow responds to Promes’ conviction

Club stands firm with decision to keep player

Spartak Moscow has released a statement following the recent conviction of their player, Quincy Promes. The Dutch international was found guilty of assault causing serious bodily harm, and has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Despite the seriousness of the crime, Spartak Moscow has refused to terminate Promes’ contract and will continue to allow him to play for the team.

In the statement, the club reiterated their commitment to following the legal processes in place, and will not make any rash decisions until all appeals have been exhausted.

Some fans have criticized the decision, claiming that the club should take a stronger stance against violent behavior. Others have defended the club, stating that it is not their place to make legal judgments and that Promes should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

Outrage on social media

The response on social media has been mixed, with some expressing support for the player while others are outraged at the club’s decision. Many have pointed out that football clubs have a responsibility to set an example and condemn criminal acts, regardless of whether or not they were committed by their own players.

What do you think?

What is your opinion on Spartak Moscow’s decision to stand by Quincy Promes despite his conviction? Should the club have terminated his contract? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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