Soaring High Jenson Seelt’s Journey from PSV to Sunderland and the Lessons Learned Along the Way

Explaining PSV’s exit: ‘I didn’t feel there was trust that I would break through quickly’


PSV Eindhoven is a Dutch football club that recently parted ways with one of its promising young players. The reason for this exit has now been explained by the player himself.

The Player’s Explanation

In an interview, the player stated that he didn’t feel there was trust in him to quickly break through into the first team. He also mentioned that he had been playing with the Under-21 team for two years, which had a negative impact on his confidence.

Potential Implications

The player’s experience raises questions about the importance of trust and confidence in player development, and whether clubs should invest more in their young players to help them succeed.

What do you think?

Do you think clubs should do more to build trust and confidence in their young players? Or is it up to the players themselves to prove their worth? Leave a reply below!


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