Kylian Mbappé Talks About Media Absence and Leadership

The France team doesn’t belong to me: Kylian Mbappé opens up on media silence

  • Kylian Mbappé discusses his media silence
  • The French football star stresses that the national team doesn’t belong to him

Kylian Mbappé recently shared his thoughts on his decision to maintain silence in the media. The talented French footballer emphasized that the national team is not owned by him, as he addressed the speculation surrounding his reserved behavior.

Maintaining his stance

In an interview, Mbappé revealed that his silence in the media is a deliberate choice. He firmly believes that the responsibility of representing the French national team is not solely his, but rather a collective effort. Mbappé considers it essential to let his on-field performances do the talking and prefers focusing on his football rather than engaging in the media circus.

Controlling his own narrative

By remaining silent, Mbappé also explained that he can exert control over his own narrative. He stated that the media often misinterprets his words or creates stories that are not aligned with his intentions. The young football sensation aims to avoid unnecessary controversies and prefers to let his actions shine on the pitch, making a lasting impact on the game.

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