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Wouter Burger dreams of a future in the Premier League

Former Feyenoord player Wouter Burger has set his sights on playing in the Premier League. After moving from FC Basel to Stoke City in the English Championship last summer, Burger hopes this transfer will serve as a stepping stone to reach the highest level of English football.

“I wanted to develop in several aspects, aspects that you can only improve in England,” said Burger in an interview with Sky Sports. “This was a great opportunity for me to compete in a strong league where you become stronger, better, and faster. You have to think quickly, and you are also challenged physically.”

Stoke City has faced challenges since their relegation from the Premier League in 2018. Currently sitting in 19th place in the Championship, which consists of 24 teams, Burger acknowledges the difficulties the team has faced. “There are a lot of new players, it’s actually a completely new squad. It takes time, but in this situation, we can’t say that patience is needed. We have to be strong as a group and see every match as a new opportunity.”

Burger aspires to play in the Premier League, the highest level of competition in England. “I have ambitions, and one day I want to play in that league. I think it’s important to gain experience in the Championship to be ready for the Premier League.”

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