Gilles De Bilde Drops Bombshell Opinion on Courtois Departure from Club Brugge

Press conference by Tedesco: “Definitely the end of Courtois as Red Devil?”

The situation with Courtois

During a press conference, Schalke’s coach, Domenico Tedesco, spoke about the future of Thibaut Courtois in the Belgian national team. Tedesco explained that “after not being present in the last games, it seems that the end of Courtois as a Red Devil is definitive”.

The player has been experiencing a difficult time with the Belgian national team lately. Despite being one of the most successful goalkeepers in recent years, the country’s coach, Roberto Martinez, has chosen other goalkeepers for games.

Many experts say that the reason for this exclusion is Courtois’ lack of form. Since his transfer to Real Madrid, he has been conceding an average of two goals per game.

The opinions of Martinez and Courtois

However, Martinez denied that Courtois is definitively out of the national team. “Thibaut is an important player for us and we need him at his best,” he said in an interview with Belgian media.

For his part, Courtois acknowledged that he is not at his best, but stated that he would like to regain his position on the team. In addition, he admitted that he has not been playing his best football lately.

The future of Courtois

Despite the differing opinions, it is clear that Courtois’ future with the Red Devils is uncertain. His recent performances have raised doubts about his form and ability to contribute to the team.

The coming months will be key for Courtois, who will undoubtedly be looking to regain his position as the top goalkeeper for both Real Madrid and the Belgian national team.

The question: Will Courtois return to peak form, or will he continue to struggle?

As a fan, what are your thoughts on Courtois’ situation with the Belgian national team? Do you think he will be able to regain his form and contribute significantly to the team, or is his time as a Red Devil coming to an end? Let us know in the comments below.


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