Exposed The Lies Surrounding Jong Oranje and Portuguese Media’s Advice on Choosing Ajax or PSV

Portuguese media on Jong Oranje: ‘Waiting for Ajax or PSV is a lie’

Reports refute previous claims

Recent reports regarding the waiting strategy of some Dutch players in joining top teams have been disputed by the Portuguese media. Specifically, their sources have dismissed the claim that talented young players, such as those from the Dutch under-21 team Jong Oranje, were advised to wait for offers from major clubs like Ajax or PSV.

The reports suggest that, in fact, many Portuguese teams are making enticing offers to these young players, hoping to lure them away from Dutch teams altogether. These offers are said to be backed by the promise of consistent playing time and the chance to compete in high-profile European competitions.

Portuguese teams scouting in the Netherlands

It appears that the Portuguese clubs have been actively scouting in the Netherlands, attending matches, and offering pre-contracts to talented youngsters. The strategy seems to be paying off, with several Dutch players having already signed deals to play in Portugal in the coming season.

What’s your opinion?

It remains to be seen whether Ajax or PSV, or even other major European clubs, will be able to compete with the attractive offers being made by the Portuguese sides. Do you believe that talented young players should hold out for the big clubs, or take a chance on smaller teams outside the traditional powerhouses of European football? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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