Dutch Soccer Team Blown Away From Keeper to Lang It Was a Horrific Performance

Oranje receives a heavy defeat: ‘From the keeper to Lang: it was terrible’

The Match

The Dutch national team suffered a heavy defeat against Turkey in their World Cup qualifier match. The Dutch team lost with a 4-2 score at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.

Players’ Performance

Dutch coach Frank de Boer was disappointed with the performance of his team. He described the performance as “terrible” and criticized the players from the goalkeeper to the striker. He said, “We made too many mistakes, gave away too many chances, we didn’t use our own chances. So overall, it was a really bad performance.”

The goalkeeper, Tim Krul, also admitted that the team did not play well, saying, “It’s hard to take. From the goalkeeper to upfront, we weren’t good enough…we need to look in the mirror, we’ve got another game soon.”

One of the team’s forwards, Noa Lang, also acknowledged that they need to improve their performance, saying, “We have to watch what went wrong and improve on it, because Tuesday we play Latvia, and we want to make it right.”

The Impact on the World Cup Qualifiers

The defeat against Turkey puts the Netherlands third in their World Cup qualifier group, with only the top team making it to the World Cup in Qatar next year.

Question for the Readers

What changes or improvements do you think the Dutch team needs to make in order to secure a spot in the World Cup?


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