Daniel Riolo “For Mbappé to announce this now he no longer believes in the PSG project”

Speaking on After FootFrench football pundit Daniel Riolo reacted to a letter sent on Monday by Kylian Mbappé to PSG to explain that he would not exercise the option he has to extend his contract until 2025.

“We are in a huge saga. PSG did not expect to receive this letter today. It is kind of a small declaration of war. They are appalled at the club. For Mbappé to announce this now, it’s because he no longer believes in the promises. He no longer believes in the project. There, that changes everything for PSG. Even in the search for the coach with whom they are in the progress of discussing for…”

“It also calls into question the work of Luís Campos [PSG’s sporting advisor]who came with the mission of keeping Mbappé and getting him to stay at the club. A year later, when Campos is supposedly the man who must rebuild everything, with the underlying idea of pleasing Mbappé, the club receives the letter that the option [to extend] no longer exists, it’s a real shock.”

When asked about what Riolo would do if he ran PSG, he replied: “If I am the CEO of PSG, I make a clear decision: he is sold this summer. Might as well get what there is to take. You cannot keep a player who announces that he is in his last year. You have to send a strong message.”

Kylian Mbappé’s entourage reportedly leaked their letter to PSG to the French media before the club received it.

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