Breaking Down the Court Decision Sierd de Vos versus Domagoj Vida The Limits of Freedom of Speech

Ziggo commentator Sierd de Vos wins lawsuit against ‘winking Croat’ Vida

Legal victory for De Vos

Dutch football commentator Sierd de Vos has won a court case against Croatian footballer Domagoj Vida, who had sued him for defamation. In a match analysis on TV, De Vos had called Vida a “winking Croat” in reference to an alleged foul.

Controversy around winking gesture

During the 2018 World Cup match between Croatia and Denmark, Vida made a winking gesture towards the camera, which was seen by some as a political statement related to the conflict between Croatia and Russia. However, Vida denied any political connotation and apologized for the gesture.

Freedom of expression upheld

The court ruled that De Vos had expressed his opinion as a commentator and that his words did not cross the boundary of what is acceptable in sports journalism. The ruling also emphasized the importance of freedom of expression in sports reporting.

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