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Anderlecht and Boca Juniors nearing agreement, but white smoke is not expected tomorrow for this annoying reason

Details of the Negotiations

Belgian football club Anderlecht and Argentine football club Boca Juniors are closing in on an agreement for the transfer of midfielder Adrien Trebel. Talks have been ongoing for the past few days and both clubs are said to be nearing a deal.

The Stumbling Block

However, the negotiations have hit a snag due to trebel’s salary demands. The midfielder is currently earning €2.4 million per year, which is more than what Boca Juniors are willing to offer. Trebel’s agent is pushing for a higher salary, but both clubs are trying to find a compromise.

Will a Deal be Reached?

Despite the hurdle, there is still optimism that a deal can be reached. The transfer window closes in a few weeks, giving both clubs plenty of time to work out a solution. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of the transfer, but will have to wait a little longer to see if Trebel will make the move from Anderlecht to Boca Juniors.

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