When Love Hurts The Bittersweet Story of Roma Ziet Tahirovic’s Admiration for Ajax


Roma sees Tahirovic leave for Ajax with a heavy heart: “I am truly an admirer”

During a recent interview, Roma expressed his sadness about Tahirovic’s departure to Ajax. Roma mentioned that he is a true fan of Tahirovic’s skills and is disappointed to see him leave the team.

Tahirovic’s departure

Despite Tahirovic’s departure, Roma believes that the team will continue to thrive and excel. He mentioned that the team is constantly growing and improving, and he looks forward to seeing the team’s progress in the future.

An Admirer

Roma also expressed his admiration for Tahirovic’s playing style and skillset. He noted that Tahirovic was a valuable asset to the team and that he will surely be missed. Roma also mentioned that he wishes Tahirovic well in his future endeavors at Ajax.

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