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Philippe Albert Doesn’t Hold Back Criticism on Thibaut Courtois

The Former Belgian Football Player Expresses His Opinion on Courtois’ Performance

Former Belgian football player Philippe Albert has expressed his criticism towards fellow countryman Thibaut Courtois. Albert, who played as a defender for Belgium, stated that Courtois lacks consistency in his performance and needs to show more confidence in his abilities.

In an interview with La Dernière Heure, Albert commented on Courtois’ recent performance in the UEFA Champions League game between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, stating “I sincerely believe that his current performance is not of the highest level…He lacks confidence. He is not very comfortable with the ball. Sometimes he makes some mistakes that cost his team”.

However, Albert did acknowledge that Courtois is a great goalkeeper with immense talent, but he needs to work on his consistency to become one of the best in the world.

This criticism comes after a string of underwhelming performances by Courtois in recent games, with Real Madrid struggling to keep up with their La Liga rivals. It remains to be seen if Courtois will take this criticism to heart and make the necessary improvements in his game.

Do you agree with Philippe Albert’s criticism of Thibaut Courtois? What areas do you think Courtois needs to improve on to reach the top level of goalkeeping? Leave your comments below.


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