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Natural Bornauw wants to move to the Premier League and takes drastic measures to convince Wolfsburg

Bornauw’s desire for change

Belgian defender Sebastiaan Bornauw is eager to switch to the English Premier League and has reportedly taken aggressive measures to push his current club VfL Wolfsburg to release him.

The Move to the Premier League

Bornauw has been a prominent figure in the Bundesliga since joining RSC Anderlecht in 2017. The 22-year-old then moved to FC Köln and has been a vital part of the club’s defensive line.

The Struggle for Release

It is believed that Bornauw has already expressed his desire to leave Wolfsburg to join the Premier League. However, his current club has shown no willingness to release him until they receive the appropriate transfer fee from any interested Premier League team. Bornauw, on the other hand, has decided to take matters into his own hands by using hearty tactics to convince the club to release him.

The question is, will Bornauw succeed in his endeavors, or will the transfer fall through? What are your thoughts?


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