ShakeUp in Amsterdam Ajax and Heitinga Part Ways Trainer Leaves Immediately

Breaking: Ajax Terminates Contract with Heitinga- Trainer Leaves Amsterdam Immediately

Contract Ends Abruptly

Ajax announced today that they have made a mutual agreement with trainer John Heitinga, to terminate his contract, with immediate effect. This announcement was made after the team failed to progress to the knockout stages of the Europa League, following a 4-0 defeat by Getafe.

Quotes Remain Unchanged

In an official statement released by Ajax, the team stated: “We came to the realization that the click between John and Ajax was insufficient for the club. We’ve agreed on this decision.” Heitinga also added: “Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out how we wanted it to. It’s a shame, but it’s the best decision.”

What’s Next For Ajax?

This sudden announcement has undoubtedly left Ajax fans wondering about the team’s future. Who will be the next trainer to lead the team to success? What should be the focus for Ajax moving forward? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.


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