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Transfer Woes for Anderlecht-CEO Jesper Fredberg

Five Targets, Three too Expensive, One Deal Pending

Anderlecht-CEO Jesper Fredberg is facing a tough time in acquiring new players for the team. He has identified five potential targets, but obstacles have emerged in the path of three of them due to their high cost. Negotiations are still underway for the remaining two players, with one deal apparently close to completion.

The club has been seeking to strengthen their squad ahead of the upcoming season, but the COVID pandemic has created financial challenges. Despite this, Fredberg remains committed to making the necessary investment in the team to ensure competitive success in the future.

The CEO has highlighted the importance of having a strong squad to compete against other top teams in the league. The fans too, are eagerly awaiting the new signings, and have been vocal in their support for the team and the CEO.

Will Anderlecht be able to finalize the pending deal and bring in new players to strengthen their squad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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