Real Madrid goes all out for new Galáctico two top players considered

Real Madrid’s Financial Strength Positions Them for Big Transfer

Real Madrid Seeks to Strengthen Squad with New Galáctico

In contrast to arch-rivals FC Barcelona, Real Madrid boasts exceptional financial stability. The reigning champions are looking to capitalize on their strong position by bringing in a new Galáctico, according to Diario AS.

Real Madrid has significantly reduced its payroll expenses by €78 million and possesses a net worth of €128 million to spend in the transfer market. However, that’s not all. The Spanish giants have also secured multiple unused loans, which could potentially add an additional €265 million to their war chest.

AS reveals that Real Madrid intends to use this financial strength to acquire a new superstar. Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland are at the top of their wish list. Following the departure of Karim Benzema, the Madrid club believes it lacks a world-class striker.

Mbappé is particularly intriguing due to his expiring contract with Paris Saint-Germain. However, Haaland’s agent recently hinted at a potential transfer clause in the Norwegian’s deal with Manchester City.

Will Real Madrid succeed in bringing a new Galáctico to their ranks? Share your thoughts below!


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