Noa Lang Speaks the Truth Feyenoord Doesn’t Impress Bro Ajax and PSV are Way Up Here

Feyenoord fails to impress Noa Lang: ‘Bro, Ajax and PSV are totally on top’

Dutch football player Noa Lang, currently playing for Club Brugge, expressed his feelings about Feyenoord during a recent interview. Lang, who briefly played for Feyenoord in his youth, stated that the club failed to impress him in comparison to Ajax and PSV.

Lang expressed his admiration for the style of play of Ajax and PSV, stating that they are “totally on top”. He further elaborated that Feyenoord’s playing style is too “basic” and lacks the flair and creativity of its competitors.

Lang’s comments come at a time when Feyenoord is struggling to maintain a competitive edge in the Dutch football league, with recent losses against Ajax and AZ Alkmaar. The team has also faced criticism for their inconsistent performances and lackluster gameplay.

Despite Feyenoord’s current struggles, the team has a rich history and a dedicated fan base. However, it remains to be seen if they can regain their footing and impress players like Lang in the future.

What are your thoughts on Lang’s comments about Feyenoord’s playing style? Do you think Feyenoord has the potential to contend with Ajax and PSV? Leave your comments below.


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